The Pep Talk that Lifted my Mind to Unlimited Power in 7 Steps

Chantal Dempsey
6 min readAug 22, 2022
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Some describe it as the best day of their lives, but for me, my mind reached one of its lowest points. It’s 2008. I am in hospital, in a delivery room, I have been in labour for 36 hours. I am completely exhausted; the pain is unbearable. I can see the medical team around me but I am blinded by the bright light above. I can hear them talking, I can hear the beeping of the machines. There have been a complications and I am so scared. The doctor is telling me to push. He repeatedly shouts the instruction louder and louder. But I can’t. I just can’t. I am in too much pain, too exhausted, too scared. I don’t have it in me. My body has given up, my mind has lost the battle against itself in a total mental collapse. I have nothing left to give, I have tried and tried, but there is nowhere within me where I can source strength or energy from. It all feels like a blur of distress and burnout.

The Moment that Changed Everything

Then, something incredible happens. A midwife comes right up close to me, takes my head in her hands so that I can see her eyes in front of me and says: “Look at me and listen to me. I know you are in a lot of pain. I know you have no energy left; I know this is hard. But your baby is coming right now. And right now, you have got to push. This is what you need to do right now. And then you will have a beautiful baby. You will get to meet your baby and hold her in your arms. I know you can do this. You can. And I’m going to be right here with you holding your hand.”

And then, everything changes. It is as if she lit a match and set fire to my mind. In the few seconds it takes for her to say those words and for me to hear them, she lifts my mental block and almost magically unleashes a new found power within me. She gives me exactly what I need: mindset. She wakes up the motivation inside of me and injects the belief that I can do it. So, I do. I gather up all the energy I have left. And I push. And push. My mind takes over my body to fuel it the power it needs, and this power feels unlimited. And few minutes later, my beautiful daughter is born.

The Gift of Mindset

I don’t know the name of the midwife, I don’t even remember what she looked like, but I am forever…

Chantal Dempsey

Chantal Dempsey is an award winning life coach. She helps men and women regain self-confidence and create a breakthrough to transform their lives.